Time to war!!

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…If there are no prayers that put your head between your knees. If there are no prayers that break your soul into many pieces and make you wail in tears with phlegm from your nose. If there are no such things going in your life as though a flood of the Spirit is ravaging your entire Spirit causing you to come humbly before God and you finally agree with Him what He wants to do with you, baby there is NO moving forward ooo…   DDK #WarriorInHeels

Let’s put a pause on T.F.S and run this Post as divine interruptions happen, shall we?


Thank you!!!

Btw, hope we have all started digging into the Devotional

A 31 day Devotional for the FAB.Warrior.Mom (PDF Download)

I soooooo have!!!


I heard this finger-licking delicious sermon in church on Sunday. Gosh PK is a boss!!! That rightly divides the WORD!!!

pk pm

My Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo!!!


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