Performance Review II

Hello People,

Happy New Month!


How has the year been so far? Today’s service? Regardless of how good or otherwise the year has been, one thing is certain:

“If it had not been the Lord who was on our side….then the waters would have overwhelmed us, the stream would have gone over our soul. Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us as a prey to their teeth. Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snares of the fowlers. The snare is broken and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth”- Psalm 124:1,4-8


What’s more? We have escaped! We have seen November, we will surely see December!

Let’s get down to today’s post.


Read. Sing. Meditate. Enjoy.



When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,

When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,

Count your many blessings, name them one by one,

And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.


Count.. your blessings name them one by one;

Count your blessings, see what God hath done

Count.. your blessings, name them one by one;

And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.


Are you ever burdened with a load of care?

Does the cross seem heavy, you are called to bear?

Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,

And you will keep singing as the days go by.


When you look at others with their land and gold,

Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;

Count your many blessings wealth can never buy

Your reward in heaven or your home on high


So, amid the conflict whether great or small,

Do not be disheartened, God is over all;

Count your many blessings, angels will attend,

Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.



There is something about pessimists that gets to me. I believe everybody on the surface of the earth has a challenge or the other. If I ask ten people randomly how the year has been, the answers will surprise even me, I’m sure. The negative things in this world will always be there. When we dwell on the positive things in our lives and magnify them, the negatives seem so small and eventually fizzles out. Count your blessings and appreciate God!


I wrote a post in February titled, ‘Performance Review‘.  Ten Months have gone and January seem just like yesterday. You know how everyone is at the beginning of the year, high hopes and all. Then somewhere in the middle of the year, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, we lose it.


Sometimes we just become complacent and leave everything to fate. Some of us even pray and fast and hold on to our ‘faith’. Well my dear, remember this verse, ‘Faith without works is dead?’ It certainly is.  You must do something. Don’t get me wrong, God does not need us to do what he will do, He is God. He will also not do what He has empowered us to do. So next time you sit down and hug your faith close to your chest expecting life to happen just like that, remember your faith is for you not God, it does not move Him. Faith does not move God, it moves mountains. God does not need to move, He is God all by Himself. Faith does not affect God’s giving, it helps us to receive. So when we have faith, it does not mean we should sit down idly and be expectant, it means we should do whatever needs to be done and be free of worry because we know we will receive what we have asked. Don’t just ask for the rain, bring out your buckets, be ready to receive in abundance. Be prepared even for the mud.


I’m laying emphasis on this today because many a soul have blamed God for not doing what he has said he will do. Take for instance, God tells me I will be a medical doctor, then I opt out of school and pick up my bell to announce to the whole world what the Lord has done. Well, I rest my case.


Where are the resolutions for 2014? what and what have you been able to achieve? What proposed heights have you attained? You know where you planned to be by the end of 2014, how far have you come? You know the beautiful thing about reviews? It tells you how effective your strategy is. If you’ve not done much, it’s not time for pity-party darling, it’s time to change strategy! It’s not enough to have faith and wear the cloak of piousness, we must arise and do something!

IMG_20141103_000741    IMG_20140611_212855

I know some people have done everything humanly possible but still experience delay. Or what do we say about Daniel and the prince of Persia? Daniel prayed and did everything he could, yet he was delayed for 21 days. The good news however is if you have done ALL, God will not leave you stranded. God cannot be mocked. Everyone knows when they have done ALL.


Delay in life can be caused by God, the devil and we humans. Sometimes, God allows some things to happen to us because he wants us to learn and grow in Him. Maturity does not come easy. In situations like these, we know all things are working together for our good.



Delays caused by the devil are everywhere. The good news however is if we choose to focus on God and do His will, we will come out victorious. We shall reap the fruits, if we do not faint.

IMG_20141103_000613      IMG_20141103_001147


Now, here is the part I’m really interested in; delays caused by humans. Isn’t it funny really? Why on earth will I choose to delay myself? I know where I am going, I know what I need to get there, so why slow myself down? Sounds pretty easy but when we allow laziness and indiscipline to become the order of the day, we are causing ourselves delay. You know for some of us, all we need is discipline and the results will change rapidly.


For those who feel they are no longer on the right path, I would say, the fact that you know there is a right and wrong path and you acknowledge that you are on the wrong path means a whole lot. Now, all you have to do is retrace your steps, ask the Holy Spirit for help and He will help you. He is our HELP!


Think about it this way, we still have roughly two months before the end of this year, 8 weeks, 59 days, 1416 hours, 84960 minutes and 5097600 seconds approximately. You might say there is no time left, I say there is always time to do the right thing. No matter how little small an achievement is, it is way better than failure. To do something is always better than to do nothing.


Let go of the fear and doubt, do the seemingly impossible things. Pick up your dreams and plan, make yourself proud, make your God proud, let people see you in the remaining days of this year and glorify God in heaven. I want someone to look back come December and thank God for the things they were able to do between November and December.


It’s your life anyway, why settle for less?

May your ways be beautiful this November.

Happy New Month People!


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