It is a privilege to meet you, dear reader, on this platform. If you are a regular, thanks for always being there and if you are a first timer, welcome! Bukky’s blog is all about living the Christian life as single ladies in a superb way. I believe every person on earth was created for a purpose. It therefore breaks my heart to see young ladies living their lives carelessly and without a defined purpose. Most of us pray all day to get married to a rich, handsome, God-fearing (the list is endless) kinda guy and hope that maybe then we will discover who we truly are. If we cannot move our world for God as single ladies, how is the magic supposed to happen when we are married and have a lot on our hands? Now is the time to take charge! I will be posting my thoughts on the single lady’s life and my focus will be on God, spirituality, morality and life in general. However, some of the posts will be for everybody, not just single ladies so if you get blessed by a write-up, please do the people in your life a favour by sharing with them. I pray your relationship with God will become stronger and you will learn to make Him the Lord and not just saviour of your life.
Welcome on board!


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