RELIGION AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

Beyond religion awaits a relationship that will change your entire life! LIVE on 1/12/2015!

By Joshua Olanrewaju

Ever imagined what the heavenly choir of angels sound like? Read the lyrics below and see if it’s something they could sing.

Holy Holy Holy, Lord God almighty

Heaven is your throne, the earth is full of your glory

The blessing, the honour, the power belongs to you

There is nothing impossible for you to do.

Now instead of singing, try and imagine that the angels rapped it (you know rap – like Jay Z and Eminem). Ha, gotcha! You most likely thought, ‘no way, they can’t be rapping in heaven.’

Have you ever imagined if Jesus was on the earth right now and he was a teenager, do you think he might have worn a pair of Adidas sneakers, a pair of denim pants/trousers and a snapback? It’s difficult to imagine, yeah?

If you were a pastor, would you encourage your members to do a study…

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