When nothing is all you have

With big daddy, i have all i need!

A Writer's Lair

You are all alone in the house and are staring at the TV, not concentrating. Partly because you have watched the movie before, three times to be specific, but also because you are distracted. Something is bothering you but you can’t place a finger on it. You have been feeling this way all week.

You stand and begin to pace about the living room. The pacing calms you down, it channels some of the frustration into physical activity.

Then it hits you. It’s your life that’s the problem. The feeling underneath the restlessness is dissatisfaction. Your life is not going as planned and is riddled with failures and missed opportunities.

One thought predominates; you are not where you ought to be. The thought saddens you and your eyes sting with tears. You had your life planned out but somewhere along the line, it had veered off.

You think of all…

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