The Word.

Have you ever read a particular scripture that made you go ‘gen-gen’? You know what I mean? You see a portion of the bible and you are like, ‘where has this piece been all my life?’ Well, that happens a lot. Sometimes, the scripture in question might be one that you are very familiar with, you know where exactly it is in the bible and you can recite it from A-Z but then you see it again and it’s like the answer you’ve being waiting for. Other times, you pick up your bible to read and then come across something and just can’t believe it’s in the bible, how come you’ve never seen or even heard of it? Thank God for men and women of God, without them, some of us would be lost. No matter the way you get to know about it, it still remains the WORD of GOD. The word of God is living, sharper than a double edged sword! It is forever settled in heaven, God is not working on it right now, it is already settled! The good thing is we can hold God to His word anytime, He exalts it even more than His name!

Recently, I came across some stuffs in the bible. It’s either I never knew they were there or I simply got the wrong interpretations. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. I’d like to share with you 6 scriptures that were impressed on my heart. I hope you’ll learn one or two things. Please feel free to share one or two scriptures that get you going, no matter what, you might be encouraging someone. Enjoy!

ISAIAH 42:9b – ‘…I will tell you the future before it happens’

This scripture seems like an ordinary one (though there is nothing ordinary about the word of God). It’s a part that you can just read as though it were meaningless. But really, anytime I see it, I drop all my worries and start talking to God. This is an assurance from our daddy, that as His little girls, we won’t be stranded! It means nothing happens to us by accident! Since we have a father that knows all things, He tells us! We cannot be confused, all we need do is ask! He will tell, because He has promised.

PROVERBS 22:29 – ‘Do you know a hard-working man (or woman)? He shall be successful and stand before Kings!’

Personally, I am sick of fakes! By fakes, I mean people who live a double life. In church, they are christians but outside, they are something else. One would think with the number of Christians we have in Nigeria and the world at large, everything should be working well but reverse is the case. Nowadays, some so-called Christians do things even unbelievers will not dare to do all in the name of money. Why do people have to complain when a ‘christian’ is in a particular position? Oh, I know how easy it is to heap the blame on the government or the economy. But God says ANYONE who is diligent will be successful and stand before kings. Little wonder so many unbelievers have things that we should have as children of God. Where are the Christians working in ministries? Do we still call it ministry of no work or do we find something to do? Where are the christian doctors, lawyers, customer service agents, contractors, pharmacists, engineers,bankers etc? What are we doing differently? People should see us and know we are Christians by the way we act at work, not just by the forms we fill. No matter where you are or what you do, the secret of success is not far-fetched, be diligent, be hard-working, give it all it takes and see where God will take you.

ROMANS 8:32 – ‘Since He did not spare even His own Son for us but gave Him up for us all, won’t He also surely give us everything else?’
Gbam! This is the covenant of divine provision! If God could give us Jesus so we could live and not die, will He not give us all we need to make living worthwhile? Anytime I have a need that seems bigger than me, I remind myself of this verse and it assures me that though the need is bigger than me, it is not bigger than my God. He is able to give me ALL things! He is able to supply all my needs! Since He owns all things, we have nothing to fear. If He could release His only son, He can release anything! In Him, we have ALL things!

ISAIAH 42:3 – ‘He will not break the bruised reed, nor quench the dimly burning flame…’
Sometime last week, I told a lie. Someone asked me a question and I answered but I lied. The person asked repeatedly but I just stuck to the lie, never mind the fact that the spirit in me would not let me be. After the person left, I felt really bad. I mean, why did I take the easy way out? For days, I was not myself, talking to God was kinda difficult. I’m not saying I’m perfect, far from it. As Christians, we go through moments like this. You do something and you find it difficult to believe you actually did it. Many times, we allow the weight of guilt to pull us down and draw us away from the presence of God. At times like these, you can’t even encourage yourself and you would have said the perfect words had it been someone else. Here is a reminder, God will never condemn you! He loves you too much to do that no matter what every other person is saying. Remember the case of the adulterous woman? That judge that took care of her case is the God we serve! If your flame is dim, come to Him, He will add the needed fuel to make it burn.

DEUTERONOMY 24:5 – ‘A newly married man is not to be drafted into the army nor given any other special responsibilities; for a year he shall be free to be at home, happy with his wife.’
Now I’m sure this one is new for most of us and very funny. I have a colleague that has been separated from his wife rIght from day 1 of their marriage. Even while courting, they were not together, now married, the story is still the same. I know the kind of life the guy lives. Now, I’m sure someone will ask what’s supposed to happen if the husband and the wife work in different states? I don’t have a direct answer to that, but I am of the opinion that a couple should spend at least the first year together, just getting to know each other. I used to think it was just an opinion till a friend called my attention to this scripture yesterday. Where are those about to be wedded? Where are the newly weds? A word is enough for the wise! I shall not dwell on this matter, I rest my case.

PROVERBS 31:10-31
Ladies, please take a little time to study this chapter. Of course we all know its about the almighty and intimidating proverbs 31 woman but one thing is worthy of note here, her physical beauty was not mentioned at all! So many qualities were mentioned but not looks and verse 29 says, ‘her husband praises her with these words, there are many fine women in the world, but you are the best of them all.’ One begins to wonder, what exactly did he see in her to call her the best? Verse 30 has the answer, ‘charm is deceptive and beauty doesn’t last but a woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised!’ What does that suggest to you? Does God not care about our physical beauty? Of course He does. After all, we were created in His image. It was King Lemuel’s mother that gave him these qualities, and she did not mention looks at all. We’ve got a lot of decorating to do on our inside! Should we then abandon the exterior? Not at all, but the inside requires more attention and focus!
Always remember, beauty catches the eye, character keeps the attention!

In dark days, doctrine in your head will not keep you, you need the WORD to conquer the WORLD!

One thought on “The Word.

  1. hi Bukky banker, I’m really loving your articles, I see that you’re not ignoring your writing talent at all, I love the way you bring God’s word into our everyday lives, keep doing it babe cos there’s certainly a rewarder and of course a reward. I love you and today’s my 1st yr’ anniversary remember? God’s been too awesome. Keep the flag high dear…takia


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