The innocence of a Child

I saw some kids playing today, and it got me thinking. Kids and their innocence, they play around, ask questions (dumb or otherwise) and they make you laugh and simply wonder by just being themselves.
An aunt of mine recently told me about a discussion she had with her adorable son(5 years old). Her son had come to her, to ask what he had to do so God will give him money, he then referred to someone he knows who according to him is rich. He could not understand why the person will have more money than he does, never mind the fact that the person is older. The mom simply told him to pray and God will answer his prayers. He however said he can’t pray anymore, he’s been praying and God has refused to answer, he’d rather go to the rich woman and collect ‘plenty’ money. I laughed when I heard, but that’s what children are known for, pure innocence!
I remember when I was in my early years, we’d go to sunday school in church and they will tell us how much God loves us, he gave His only son to die so we might be saved. We’ll be shown the cross and they will explain the whole story. Sometimes I’ll ask questions in church, other times I won’t but either way, my mom will be in for a long talk because she had to explain everything the way I’d understand without contradicting my teachers (in the eyes of a child, the teacher can never be wrong). I’d ask my mom questions like ,’will she ever allow me to be killed to save some people? And why on earth will someone be killed so that some others will be saved? What’s the correlation? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did he not just live forever since he’s the son of God and God cannot die? What about the resurrection story? How can someone die and still come back to life after being buried? The story of Jesus’ birth is another matter, is Mary not the mother? Why is he referred to as the son of God? And how wicked can people be? Why will anybody nail someone else to a cross? Blood was all over Him, he was even beaten, and people where there laughing! In movies it would have been easy to believe but real life? Where were the police men? And lawyers, what were they doing?’ My mom will smile and try to explain to me the creation story, how man fell and how God gave His only son so we could have free access to Him again. As a child, even though I didn’t have full understanding, I thought I’ll do anything for someone that was beaten and even nailed so I can talk to God the way I talk to my daddy without actually seeing God. I would be angry sometimes and even call those that flogged Jesus names. Didn’t they know it’s Jesus? When I was told that anytime I sin, I nail Him to the cross more, I was scared and tried as much as possible to stay away from sin. I did not have a good understanding of what I was doing but I thought of how bad I felt anytime I was flogged.

As adults, it’s quite difficult to think like a child, after all, you have most of the answers but if only we would think like children sometimes, we’d go to God to get answers to our questions. If only we’d think like children, we’d tread cautiously, we’d simply believe whatever He says without bothering to know how he will do it, we’d quarrel with people today and hug them tomorrow as if nothing ever happened, we’d try to do all we can so ‘daddy’ will be happy and whenever we come across teachings that are contrary to what we’ve been thought, we’d stand up to tell the whole world what daddy has said concerning that particular matter. If we would try to think sometimes as kids do, we’d love our God and others with a sincere heart.
It’s that season of the year again, when we are reminded about the death of Jesus and its significance. Time to check our lives and let go of the things still holding us down and cling to the source of all help. It’s time to remind ourselves, that there is need to reciprocate this incomprehensible love, time to make others know about the saviour that died so we might have life! Our God died and rose again, that makes all the difference in the world. He is indeed, a living God. Beyond all doubt, Jesus is and will forever be, the reason for the season!

Happy Easter Celebration!

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